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• Rust Never Sleeps • Neil Young Tribute Band! RUST NEVER SLEEPS is a unique, live rock show that celebrates the music, and musical career of Neil Young. Capturing the spirit, the sound, and the feel of what can best be described as a "dream come true" concert experience; you will hear selections from The Buffalo Springfield as well as Young's early 70's folk-rock gems. You will savor the sweet harmonies of Crosby, Stills, and Nash as well as the raging guitar duels between Stills and Young. You will feel the high voltage snap of Crazy Horse as well as the plaintive beauty of "Heart of Gold". Based in the Greater Boston area, Rust Never Sleeps pays "tribute" to Neil Young and his music the best way they know how... with integrity. While some groups in the tribute-band genre are content with a note for note replication of the original recordings, a Rust Never Sleeps show is infused with the passion and truth that comes from four musicians using their own unique, creative energy to present these great songs.
Song List:
Carla and I enjoyed the show at The Claddagh last Saturday. I could probably enjoy Slim Whitman if enough Guinness was served, however. Two things - you appear very comfortable on stage, as if you've done this before, which, of course, is the case. You and the drummer lay down a good foundation for the band. Secondly, I have no idea what would have become of your front man had Neil Young never been born. He's very good. Keep me on the mailing list and we'll see you at another gig." Steve Dawe

"You guys were phenomenal. You had Neil down! Ken even had all of Neil's facial expressions. It was a joy to watch your band. You definitely had the audience captivated. The guy at the door told us that the crowd was higher than the usual Saturday crowd. Great Job! We look forward to seeing you perform soon. I think June is much to long for my husband to wait :-) Thanks for the poster. I will have it framed and Jim will hang it up next to his Neil poster!" Thanks again! Ann Maguire

"You guys were really great. Out on the Weekend was thoroughly enjoyed, fine groove on Southern Man, Keep on Rockin was fantastic! Many more gems, all my buddies had a ball... we were in Neil heaven, ride home was TOUGH, but we took it slow (i drove!!)." Mark Williamson

"My husband and I sat directly in front of you at the Barley House last Saturday night. I had no idea we were in for such a great performance. I've always been a Neil Young fan but have never seen him in concert. I'm sure Neil would be impressed if he saw you perform. Thank you for a wonderful evening!!" Karen Bezich

"Saw you guys at the Barley House in Concord. You are awesome! I have a family reunion that I would love you guys to play at! Let me know." Thanks! Beth

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